Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Black Night re-vamped!

Hey all,
If you read my blog posts, you will know I'm revamping older FTU kits that were available once upon a time. My old blog no longer exists, i did away with that along time ago ;) 
Right.... now on to the good stuff!
A Black Night has been poked at and messed with lol hopefully its better. However if you still want the old version, that too will be linked below.

A black Night - Revamped:
Contains 47 elements, some old and played with and some new. Not all elements shown in the preview.
You can grab that HERE

Original A Black Night FTU kit:
You can download that HERE




  1. Thank you so much for your freebie kits. I write tutorials with them, there are so few good freebie kits available now and not everyone can afford to keep buying kits :)

  2. Awesome kit....thank you!!